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May 8, 2021

Jiangnan Fireproof High Silica Fiberglass Cloth

High Silica Cloth


Changshu Jiangnan High Silica Cloth is made from highly heat resistant fiberglass yarn. After acid treatment and calcification, the SiO2 content is more than 96%. Compared with other silica cloth in the market, we not only have higher silica content, but also higher temeprature resistance. taking on interrupted temperatures of up to 1000°F. High silica fabric is a flexible, high strength, durable, stable physical, chemical properties material, this kind of material cannot react with acids and alkalis, due to these features, high silica coth is always used as fire, welding blanket and thermal insulation sealing materials.




More than 96% SiO2 Content

High Flexibility

Refractory and insulation properties

Excellent chemical resistance

Long working Temperature: 1200°C




Due to the flexibility and easy customization, High silica glass fiber cloth has been used in various industries. It has been widely used in aerospace, construction, chemical and high temperature industries.


Insulation Blankets

Welding Blanekts

Turbine Blaankets

Fittings and flange covers

Thermal Insulation Exhaust Jacket

Heat Insulation Sealing in hot tunnel and glass kiln


More Choices:


High Silica Width (cm) Working Temperature (C) Weight (g/m2) SiO2 Content
92 1000 300 More than 96%
92 1000 450 More than 96%
92 1000 612 More than 96%
100 1000 612 More than 96%
130 1000 612 More than 96%
92 1000 880 More than 96%
100 1000 880 More than 96%
92 1000 1100 More than 96%
100 1000 1100 More than 96%
82 1000 1450 More than 96%
100 1000 1450 More than 96%


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