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company news about What are Smoke Curtains and how do they work?

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China Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
What are Smoke Curtains and how do they work?
Latest company news about What are Smoke Curtains and how do they work?

What are Smoke Curtains and How do they Work?


Smoke Curtain is a active fire solution that prevent movement of smoke and heat from one smoke zone to anther by channelizing or pushing smoke towards smoke extraction points employed in a building. These smoke curtains are often set up near the elevator, stairs,  the junction of two different spaces. Smoke Curtains is barriers placed as part of smoke management systems in a building to stop the spread of fire and smoke within a structure. Smoke management during the fire process is a task full of challenges. Accoring to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association [NFPA], compared with the fire itself, it is very easy to get confused when escaping from the crowed due to the smoke from the fire. As a result, it will caused more casualties.


To prevent injury to building occupants during a fire, It is very necessary to protect people from smoke inhalation as well as from the actual flames. Smoke curtains are the ideal solution for smoke control. It is easily install them into existing buildings, and they work with other detection and response systems already in place. When the smoke detector detects smoke, the smoke and fireproof cloth will immediately lower to block the toxic gas generated by combustion. These curtains can seal doors and elevators, and they can even form an independent boundary around stairs and atriums without walls to ensure a safe escape space for personnel. 


At present, Jiangnan Fiberglass provides a variety of smoke curtain fiberglass cloth. The thickness for common smoke curtain is divided into 0.5mm, 0.5+mm, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm according to the fire protection requirements of different governments. The common width of the roller blind is 100, 120, 150, 160,180,200 cm. In some special application it will also be used 50,75,80 cm width. We can divide the fiberglass cloth into suitable widths according to your requirements.


Type Thickness Weight
3732 with Double-sided Pu Coating 0.5mm 460±20
3732 with Double-sided Silicone Coating 0.5mm 540±20
3734 with Double-sided Pu Coating 0.5+mm 510±20
3734 with Double-sided Silicone Coating 0.5+mm 590±20
Stainless Steel Wire Insert Fiberglass cloth with Double-sided Pu Coating 0.6mm 650±20
800 with Double-sided Pu Coating 0.8mm 820±30
800 with Double-sided Silicone Coating 0.8mm 950±30
Other thickness can be customized according to your Requirements


Smoke and Fire Curtain Benefits:


Increase the time available for occupants to escape the fire
Cost-effective smoke barrier
Contain or channel smoke
Limit travel and excessive cooling of smoke,
Reduce the risk of cold smoke dripping

Seal off an area to contain fire and prevent it from spreading

Retain fre integrity in an emergency but
allow complete freedom of passage when not in use.


Application Environment


Shopping mall

Education building

Office building





High-Density Residential

Public Facilities



latest company news about What are Smoke Curtains and how do they work?  0

latest company news about What are Smoke Curtains and how do they work?  1

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