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FRP Material Fiberglass Fishing Rod

China Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. certification
China Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. certification
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FRP Material Fiberglass Fishing Rod

September 9, 2022
Latest company case about FRP Material Fiberglass Fishing Rod

As a fishing tool, the fishing rod is a slender and multi-segmented rod-like object, usually with a handle, which gradually tapers and becomes sharper from the handle to the rear end. It is used by connecting a fishing line to a hook with bait. . Fishing rods are tools that humans use to survive fishing. Now they are usually used for recreational fishing in outdoor sports and are also used for some sports or outdoor competitions. Many fishing enthusiasts know that the quality of the fishing rod plays a decisive role in the harvest. The main thing is that it can withstand the devastation of wind, sun, and rain, which requires strict quality requirements for the fishing rod itself.


Fiberglass rods are also known as fiberglass fishing rods, fiberglass resin rods, and vibrating fishing rods. It is made of glass fiber satin cloth, which is formed by bath dipping epoxy resin, aldehyde resin, and high-temperature curing (hollow tube or solid rod body). It has good toughness and elasticity. The first generation of products was produced by chemical production. Fiberglass fishing rods have good insulation.


At present, there are two types of fishing rods commonly used by anglers in the market: fiberglass rods and carbon rods. Now let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass rods.

The production of composite fishing rods generally adopts the dry rolling process, that is, the special glass fiber cloth fabric is pre-impregnated with synthetic resin into a pre-impregnated cloth, and then the pre-preg cloth is cut, rolled, wrapped with tape to fasten, heat-cured and cured. Demoulding to obtain a blank, and finally, through post-processing such as grinding, painting, and assembly, the finished fishing rod is obtained. Fiberglass rods are fishing rods made of fiberglass and resin. The fishing rod is sturdy and durable, can be stretched and retracted, is easy to use, has good elasticity and toughness, and is not expensive. It is a fishing rod widely used by ordinary anglers at present. According to the different needs of users. Fiberglass rods have long rods, extra long rods, and pocket portable rods. The length is more than 10 meters. The pocket-sized shrinkage is only about 40 cm, which is very convenient to carry.

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